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My window design for Zivame for the campaign 'Dekho Maine Kya Kiya' was featured in the Retail 4 Growth blog in November 2021.

The brief consisted of a window design for the said online marketing campaign #DMKK, which featured women accomplishing their true essence through the comfort of their bra!

The dynamic design took inspiration from the slider toy camera, which was shaped like a bra, so as to display the images of the campaign.

Let me take you through my

Design Process



Initially, I engage with the client to gather essential information and understand their requirements, ensuring that the design aligns with their vision and objectives.



In this phase, I creatively translate the client's needs into a visual format, using design tools and principles to craft a unique and effective solution.



Finally, I present the completed designs to the client, accompanied by detailed mockups and presentation decks, to showcase the design in a practical context and gather feedback for any refinements.

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