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Pair It


November 2020​

Brand: Zivame

Brief: To design a window concept for the end of season sale (Send Off Season Sale or SOS at Zivame) with the objective to attract customers with the deals and discounts being offered during the period.

The window concept was inspired by the concept of Las Vegas or motel signages, often spotted on the highways, with running lights and neon colours moulded in peculiar shapes. These signages used with the right pop colours in contrast with the product, really brightened up with window.

The arrows, different shapes and language used on the signages created a sense of urgency and FOMO among consumers.

This complex window design was formed by several layers, but bound together on just 3 stands for ease of execution:

1: Central rectangular main unit

2: SOS Sale

3: Discount unit

4: Red & Green Arrow

5: Horizontal bra unit

6: Neon Acrylic blue arrow

7. Hurry unit

8. Circular unit

9. Deal unit

10. Red & yellow arrow

11. 50% off unit

12. 50% off unit arrow

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