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April 2023​

Brand: Max

Brief: To design a window for the up-coming Guardians of the Galaxy 3 movie, in association with Max Fashion. The exclusive rights were given to Max India, to sell its merchandise in the store.

The photoshoot done was 2D with elements such as planets, spaceships, kid models with the GoG official merchandise, etc. I converted the 2D elements into 3D ones or added a form of dynamic movement to it to capture attention of passersby.

2D Image

3D Image

The elements were as follows:

1. Background Image

2. Two 3D elevated kid models

3. 3D Max logo with GoG logo with neon yellow light

4. Spaceship with a blinking light

5. Earth enlarged with a running LED along its circumference

6. An actual flag with the flagpole made of PVC pipe and the hoist made of vinyl

7. The background extending on to the bottom podium

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