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Dekho Maine

Kya Kiya

July 2021

Brand: Zivame

Brief: To design a window for the marketing ad campaign 'Dekho Maine Kya Kiya', which has women claiming her power back despite the difficulties faced by them, stating 'Look what I did'.

The concept of the window itself arose from the idea of toy camera with slides. This was recreated in a larger- than-life size, with each image reel limiting to a 2' radius.The reason for that was that the images provided were screenshots from the ad itself, due to which there was a limitation to enlarging the image to a maximum of 2', else it would pixelate.

The design featured a stand that looked like a show reel, with an automated motor, to turn and stop at each image for a certain number of seconds.

This complex window design was formed by several layers, but bound together on just 3 stands for ease of execution:

1: Central rectangular main unit

2: SOS Sale

3: Discount unit

4: Red & Green Arrow

5: Horizontal bra unit

6: Neon Acrylic blue arrow

7. Hurry unit

8. Circular unit

9. Deal unit

10. Red & yellow arrow

11. 50% off unit

12. 50% off unit arrow

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